2009-2013   BFA Fine Art, Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design
2012   Vilnius Art Academy, Contemporary Past: Tracking a Postcard, 5 ECTS
2006   Intercultural Perspectives, Växjö University / Kafountine Senegal, 30 ECTS
2005-2006   Sociology, Växjö University, 60 ECTS
2003-2004   General Psychology, Växjö University, 75 ECTS

Artistic Practice

   »Huset brenner« Sommer i nORD, Sæby, Denmark (With Ingrid Furre)
   »The Contract & The Cornerstone« Konstfack Degree Exhibition, Stockholm
   »At the End of the Rainbow« What the Shop, Vienna
   »To Myopic Ramify Into Universe« Biograf Sture, Stockholm
   »YOU SHOULD READ THIS« Gallery Konstfack, Stockholm
   »Art052 / ? Spoem« Chain letters, Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
   »The Correlation of Gaze pt. II« / Alphabet & Bells, Stockholm (Radio transmission)
   »The Correlation of Gaze«, Gallery Konstfack, Stockholm
   »When a White Horse Is Not a Horse«, Konstfack, Stockholm (installation with Loui Kuhlau)
   »Nothing is Left to Tell«, 10 day live life performance in the video by Emanuel Almborg
   »Wood Process 1.0«, Bergen Int. Wood Festival, Norway (With Carl-Johan Rosén/ Juried)
   »expo IAWAI«, Emergent Entries, Konstfack, Stockholm (Installation)
   »The Dejuner Session/[Hur mår egentligen konsten..]«, Detroit, Stockholm
   »Deaf by Disco«, Växjö Konsthall, Växjö (Installation & Performance with RE:Hult)
   »? Spoem«, Über Tot Älmhult (Installation & Performance)
   »? Spoem«, Gallery Palladium, Växjö (Installation)
   »The Painting«, Växjö University Library (Installation)
   »Derivé«, Växjö Konsthall / Husvillan (Installation together with Evelina Hartwig)


2008:  ? Spoem, Kafé De Luxe, Växjö (Wall Installation)
2007:  Terreo Viridis/Linnaeus NOW!, Växjö (Installation & Performance for RegionFörbundet Södra Småland)


2012  Beata Brummers Stiftelse
2011  Minor Field Studies, Scholarship, SIDA
2010  Ulla Fröberg-Cramérs stipendiestiftelse


   Centerfold Horizons The Swedish Dance History (2012) with Loui Kuhlau
   In Event of Dance Disaster. The Swedish Dance History (2012)
   A leap into the void-coefficient of reactivity. The Swedish Dance History (2011), p. 450-451
   [Hur mår egentligen konsten och vart är dess uttryck för vår kultur på väg?] (2010). Konstfack. p. 70 + 1 CD
   Chronicles and Articles in the culture review of Visit (2006-2008). Urban Exploring. Visit #3 (Sommar), 2006. front cover and p.43-44

OTHER - Separate part of ”Smålänningar är Snåla”, Växjö Konsthall, by Peter Johansson & Barbro Westling, 2007 – continuous

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